An Overview of Clothing

Clothing articles of clothing that are usually worn around the body. They may be used to cover a body or to protect it from the weather. Usually, clothing consists of natural fibers or fabrics, but over the years it has also come to include clothing made from skin and other delicate sheets of various materials, and other naturally occurring products found in nature, put together in a variety of colors and designs. Clothing are categorized according to the different kinds of fabric used, color and designs on them, and the materials they’re made up of. Clothing may be made of cotton, wool, silk, nylon, and other synthetic fibers, or it may comprise natural fibers from plant sources like hemp, bamboo, jute, cotton, and so forth. Different textiles may be used for making clothing, like silk, cotton, wool, and so forth.


The word ‘cloth’ in clothing refers to any kind of textile material used to produce clothing and includes pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, and even accessories like footwear, outerwear, lingerie, and so on. A garment is a piece of clothing meant to be worn and not simply looked at. Common elements in clothing are buttons, stitches, ribbons, laces, and even decorative embroidery on them. Clothes may have many different styles and makes, and some types of clothing may be worn for different occasions such as work, formal occasion, or play.

Protective Garment Clothing, otherwise known as a safety clothing, is a type of clothing intended to be worn in hazardous situations to provide protection against bodily harm or injury from objects like fire, toxic chemicals, and so on. Clothing like this is designed to cover the entire body, including the hands and legs. Protective clothing for the workplace includes aprons, fireproof suits, jackets, gowns, and coats. It also includes boots, goggles, gloves, and so on.