An Overview of Fashion Design

Fashion design is an art form of applying aesthetic principles, design, structure and natural beauty to everyday clothing and its accompanying accessories. It varies greatly across time and location, and is affected by cultural and trends. The process begins with a collection of materials and concepts that are likely to be used in the production of clothing. These will include colors, patterns, materials, textures, designs, and so on. Various techniques, designs and methodologies are then utilized for achieving the final product. Clothing designed using these methods may incorporate sewing, embossing, printing, screen printing, digital dye sublimation, thermography, and even weaving.

fashion design

Today, fashion design is not just confined to wearing of clothes, but includes designing of interior architecture, product packaging, advertisement, fashion trends, and even costumes and makeup. There are many fashion designer jobs available in India at various locations. In Delhi for instance, there are many renowned designers of Indian origin who have set up their offices there. Some of the most famous include Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Priyadarshan Sahoo, Gyaneshwar Ojha, Ravi Varma, Priyadarshan Sahoo, Ankush Trivedi, and Ashwini Kumar.

Since this field of art and science involves interaction of aesthetics and psychology, it is important for Indian fashion designers to constantly update themselves about changing fashion trends, as this is part and parcel of their profession. By so doing, they can retain and innovate new patterns, designs and styles which will help them stay ahead of the competition. They can also introduce these creations to the world and help create a good name for themselves in the field of fashion designing.