Designing a Great News Article

News design is the creative process of designing content on a newspaper page according to graphic and editorial guidelines and objectives. While graphical considerations are usually done away with in advertising, newsrooms continue to depend on graphic designers for the design of news content, especially in newspapers with tight advertising budgets. The main editorial objectives set down by newspapers include the organization of news events by category and date, the preparation of news bulletins and news feeds, preparation of overviews and explanatory pages, preparation of tables and graphs, the provision of additional information such as photos and charts, and the management of the resources such as pictures and sound. Other considerations that news editors have to consider include preparing topical contents that can be used across various newspapers and news publications and selecting appropriate graphics and images.

news design

News design for newspapers is an art form that demands immense expertise and talent to achieve visual balance and coordination, as well as a high level of performance from the designer. It is often associated with graphic design which involves art processes like conceptualizing and rendering, illustration, graphic design, image editing, and illustration. Newsroom art students are taught many aspects of this creative art form and some of these disciplines are also taught as part of professional journalism courses at different colleges and universities. News photography is another profession in which talented news design graduates can seek employment after completing their internship.

In the New York Times Company, a number of freelance graphic designers and news-web designers work together to provide clients with a range of attractive web solutions, web pages, advertising, and promotions. The New York Times has set a standard for the way in which newspapers should be designed and published. Many other major newspapers worldwide have followed suit, and in recent years there has been a revival of news design at major publications. As the internet becomes increasingly popular with users, news design is an industry that will continue to grow.