Disadvantages of Using a Cotton Pad

Clothing basically articles of clothing that are worn around the human body. Usually, clothing is composed of textiles or soft fabrics, although over the years it has also included garments made of animal skins and other thick sheets of various materials, cut together. Clothing, even though it can be categorized as “abutic” because it aids the human being in keeping clean, also has many disadvantages. Clothing introduces parasites to the human body, and they, if left untreated, may result in illnesses such as skin infections and the common cold. Although some people may consider this side effect to be an unavoidable part of life, there are ways to counteract these effects or to minimize them.


There are many ways in which the dangers of clothing can be minimized or avoided by wearing clothing that is clean, fresh and aired on a regular basis, and clothing that doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Clothing with added embellishments such as rhinestones, silver beads, sequins and pearls should be strictly avoided, as these small but sometimes dangerous objects can easily get trapped inside fabric folds and cause infestation. Clothing with printed fabrics should also be washed frequently; for instance, it would be better to wash a silk shirt rather than a cotton one every time.

A lanyard is a simple garment item that serves a number of functions. It can be used to fasten items such as keys, jewelry and even pens to clothing, and even to tie a scarf or a belt. A lanyard is a kind of flat metallic object that can be attached to a length of cord, and which has several openings on its surface. Sometimes, a lanyard is designed with a hook or a clip to be attached to a belt, which allows for the easy carrying of small items. Other lanyards are made with a buckle, which allows the user to fasten a key to a lanyard without having to remove it.