Fashion Design Training

Fashion design is an art of applying aesthetics, design, structure to clothes and their accessories and creating a balance between these three disciplines using various forms of media. It’s affected by fashion trends and culture, and has changed tremendously over the years and location. Aesthetics and design fuse together to form a cohesive field that applies the knowledge of both science and art to create new and exciting styles in clothing.

fashion design

Fashion designers must have a strong aesthetic sense and appreciation for proportion and form. They should also be imaginative and have a flair for colors and textures. They will often work closely with tailors and fabric collectors to conceptualize designs and fabric mixtures. Designers who have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field are considered experts. To become an expert, designers must undergo rigorous training and practice in both sewing and designing as well as attend classes at a vocational college specializing in the field.

After graduating, designers can choose to work in a variety of settings including apparel manufacturers, labels, fashion shows, or start their own label. Many designers also begin teaching or become consultants. In either case, they need to complete numerous manuscripts, sketch designs, and produce samples to show before prospective clients. To finish their studies, many fashion designers attend courses at a computer-aided design (CAD) school.