Fashion Design

Fashion design is an art of applying style, aesthetics, structure to clothes and their accessories, and also their manufacture. It is affected by cultural trends and time and has evolved throughout time and geographical location. Fashion designers are responsible for influencing the visual appearance of clothes and garments for both men and women.

fashion design

A fashion designer must create designs for clothes that are in conformity with the changing needs of the market. These changes include gender preferences, body shape, age, styles and tastes, among others. The various elements of design include color, texture, cut, design, and proportions of accessories. Fashion designers should be imaginative in the creation of their works, which often results in conceptualization, which is a fancy word for “imitation.” This is because fashion involves imitating the designs of others so as to provide a similar look. Some designers are of the opinion that creativity should be a gift from God and not be appreciated for its own sake.

Fashion designers are supposed to be experts in identifying current trends and styles in clothing so that they can make appropriate changes to clothes that suit the people. They should possess an eye for detail and be able to analyze the finest details of clothes and their accessories. They are also expected to know the various styles applicable in interior designing. Other than this, they should also be able to judge the price range of clothes. If they have good relations with other designers and dealers in the fashion industry, they will have access to cheaper materials, raw materials, discount prices, and exclusive deals, which they can use to create exclusive designs.