Info Designing For Social Media

Agri Information Design is an intensive, accelerated programme for up-and-coming social ventures from around the world, designed to assist them to scale up quickly and undertake the SDGs successfully. This is part 2 of our comprehensive social enterprise guide to help companies get set up and develop sustainable solutions for their clients and customers. This programme was launched in collaboration with Delveo, a non-profit company that works to design digital dashboards for business, helping create user interfaces which are accessible, intuitive and engaging. The core components of this programme are: a tailored development process and data migration platform; a powerful and open source user interface development ( UI) platform; an extensive documentation repository and reference management system; a robust technical support system. As part of this programme, Agri has also developed a number of application applications and other solutions for businesses looking to implement dashboards on their own.

info design

The first step in Agri’s strategy is to identify your company’s target audience and how you plan to reach them. Next, you need to research your industry closely to understand the challenges your target market faces and the new technologies and business models which are being used to fight these challenges. The last stage will focus on building prototypes to develop user interfaces for a wide array of devices. You will then need to set a sprint time frame, work out a business model, choose a technical team and set up a project manager. With this information in hand you should be able to launch your application within one month.

The Agri Information Design programme focuses on four primary areas: Social Media, Digital Identity, Business Strategy and Marketing. These are all important for the success of any business but especially so for social enterprises because they enable you to communicate with customers, interact with your staff and provide a more personalised experience. It also enables social network growth by providing the social elements necessary for driving targeted traffic to your website. If you apply the knowledge and skills learned in this programme you can build a strong strategic marketing strategy to ensure that your brand becomes known as much as possible.