Learning About the Field of Fashion Design

Fashion design is the creative art of applying aesthetics, design, clothing structure and functionality to clothes and its accompanying accessories. It is widely affected by cultural, societal and historical trends, and varies greatly over geographical location and time. In the United States, fashion design is usually a specialized field, though there are schools that offer a basic understanding of it. There are also colleges that focus entirely on it as a part of a larger educational program.

fashion design

Some people may choose to pursue careers as fashion designers, while others may work for the various companies in which they are interested. Some designers work in clothing accessory markets, where their works can be sold to department stores and other retailers. Other designers may work in fashion houses, where their works become known to the general public. Still others may work freelance and may only sell their creations to those interested in taking them on as gifts or keeping them in stock for a later date.

Women and men alike often see themselves as individuals who are capable of fashion design. Most clothing designers realize that the designs worn by their clientele represent their personal taste. They try to give their clients attractive, flattering clothing that is designed to be both functional and appealing. Most clothing designers work with a portfolio containing the works of several different designers, and it is up to them to select which pieces they feel will best meet the needs of their clients. Those who do not have any design experience are encouraged to attend classes related to the field in order to learn about the various theories and styles used in fashion design.