The Essentials of Fashion Design

Fashion design is an art and the science of using creativity, aesthetics, structure, fabric and natural materials to create clothes and its accompanying accessories. It is highly influenced by cultural and other cultural trends and has evolved over the years and location. Fashion design schools have been established to train students in the various methods of designing clothes. Fashion design schools offer a variety of programs and usually differ in the length of time they last. A few years of formal education is required for students to study fashion design at the university level.

fashion design

Students learn the basic skills required to be a successful fashion designer through lectures and practical sessions. They are taught how to properly match colors, fabrics and patterns so that the end product is aesthetically pleasing and represents the core values of the fashion designer. The skills taught include working with different types of media and learning to work with computer-generated designs. Designers are also exposed to current fashion trends and are expected to be familiar with popular styles in order to create comparable designs in the future.

Graduates go on to become practicing and freelance designers who create clothing for people as well as for other firms. Career opportunities for designers are generally found in apparel manufacturers and retailers, fashion magazines, boutiques, fashion shows and trade shows, among others. Some designers specialize in particular areas, while others find success by remaining open to all professions. Fashion designers are typically young, although some are still working at age forty or above. They typically begin with a bachelor’s degree and continue to graduate with additional degrees as they continue to study and practice their craft.