The Importance of News Design in Today’s World

News design is the chore of planning content on a news page, usually according to graphic and editorial guidelines and objectives. Main editorial objectives include the arranging of news items by date, while logical graphical considerations include balance, readability and unobtrusive integration of advertising. Content planning generally deals with arranging text, photos, graphics or other elements on the page in such a way as to present the news without altering the content of the background image that is generally the first thing a viewer sees when the page loads.

news design

In newspaper pages, graphic design plays an important part, as it determines both the look and feel of the entire page and contributes to the effectiveness of the news design as a whole. News items are usually printed with basic black text on white background, which makes it easier for readers to comprehend the text and follow the story. However, the background can be changed to alter the look and feel of the piece.

The main principle behind the success of any web design lies in the readability of the content. People have become used to various websites that are designed aesthetically, but many people find it difficult to navigate through such web sites. This principle applies equally well to newspapers and online newspapers. To ensure that the news design is not too cluttered or slow, designers need to consider certain things such as using a reduced size template that enables clear viewing of the complete article, avoiding excessive use of flash on small screens and providing consistent navigation on the home page.