What Does it Mean?

Info design is the art and science of forming information and conveying it to the users. An information designer is the person who does the designing part. Information designers are also known as information architects, information designers, information technology specialists or systems analysts. Information design usually incorporates both visual and user interface technologies.

info design

An information design is really a plan or specifications for the development of a product, an organizational scheme or procedure for the successful operation of an endeavor or project, or the manifestation of that plan or procedure in the shape of a model, instance, product or procedure. The word ‘information’ denotes that which provides information. This is why some organizations and governments make it a requirement for all departments and offices to have information available to them. The other part of ‘information design’ is ‘design’. The word ‘design’ indicates that one has to do something creative to bring about a particular effect or result. In other words, information designers are responsible for producing a product, including its appearance, functionality, usefulness to the user, or simply the viewers.

A ‘user-friendly’ product, for example, that enables a person to perform a particular job without having to understand programming or computer languages. Information design can be used to improve the quality of products by making them attractive, easy to use, informative and pleasing to the eyes. An effective information designer can determine the appropriate style, layout, typeface, illustration, size, shape, and other factors that will contribute to the effectiveness of any given product. They will also know how to minimize the cognitive processes that go into choosing, designing, printing and delivering a certain type of product.