What is Info Design?

An info design is an artistic, logical, graphical, and sometimes empirical approach to the creation of information, data, knowledge, and creative expressions, which are used to promote, sell, maintain, improve, coordinate, and control the useful output of information systems and their applications. The word info design also encompasses computer-aided design (CAD) and the field of software engineering. Info design can refer to any one of these fields. A visual information system is a blueprint or system diagram of the entire project, including all stages of conceptualization, planning, implementation, operation, maintenance, and final evaluation of the project.

info design

An information system is usually defined as a system for storing, retrieving, managing, and transmitting information. It can be used in business, science, education, government, and other industries. An info design is typically concerned with the visualization of complex structures and processes as well as the generation of efficient technical documentation. The term info design also encompasses the process of creating a graphic design.

The art of design may be separated into two main sub-fields: computer aided design (CAD) and software assisted design (SAD). In computer-assisted design, the use of computer technology and software tools are combined with manual designs to create a model of the product or service. Software assisted design makes use of readily available software packages to produce the final model. The field of info design has many areas and sub-fields, including creative industry, business, cultural, engineering, environmental, multimedia, political, and visual.