What Is News Design?

News design is an artistic process of planning and arranging material on a piece of paper, usually in a news section, according to topical and graphical objectives. Main topical objectives include the arrangement of newsworthy material by category and sequence of importance, while key graphical considerations are balanced, unobtrusive integration of graphics and readability. Most newspapers and wire services have their own newsroom, which organizes, controls and schedules the distribution of news items. While the management of this segment may decide where and how items are presented, the ultimate decisions rest with the news editors. A good news designer will use multiple styles, models, formats and media to achieve the desired effects.

news design

In the 21st century, news design has become more important than ever. As society gets busier, newspapers are more competitive and some sections of the media have come under increasing pressure to produce more engaging and informative content. Graphics and images are now among the most valuable tools available to the media. New technologies such as Flash, Video and Internet video have made it easier for consumers and businesses to produce their own news. By properly integrating video and images, a well-designed news page can engage viewers and influence their opinions.

Newsprint designers are faced with challenging challenges daily. News organizations today have to come up with innovative ways to attract readers, generate interest and earn revenue. This art is more than just about creativity or ability to design a layout. A true news designer must be able to think strategically and creatively, put these thoughts into practice, and ultimately create a dynamic news page that engages readers and generates conversation.